Tuesday, March 31, 2009

I invented it...

I invented this first Mr Turner, my fantasy lawyers are sending the police to shut you down cos you stole my idea.

I only canned it after extensive self-testing as I couldn't find a way of accurately measuring a really small volume.

Note: Picture actual size


  1. Claire Ross tut tut. And there was me thinking it was a device for you getting pregnant , as the allternative would mean looking at your wee hobbit face, and thus the chances of a successful outcome would be significantly reduced.

    It's not my lawyers you have too /have been worrying about. Why's the blog gone? LOL

    Well.I must have really left you with egg on your face! Look at the effort your psychotic wee brains going through!I take it the "business partners...." have realised your a bit of a loony and psychoticaly tempremental/strual, and it would be only a little time before you got them sued.

    The Royal core of lemmings salute you!

  2. Yesh due err arsolutely on the money - takes all of 5 minutes each day to keep yanking your chain. I love it...

  3. I notice my other blog is languishing in the doldrums of obsessive idiocy...

    Who is Claire Ross? My name is Juan, Juan Kerr - Spartacus moment coming up...



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