Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sunday morning onanism

I am lying on my back, all cosy in the sleeping bag on my cardboard box bed, ogling a picture of yours truly on the mobile phone I "found" last night - these phones with cameras are brill', when did that happen?

Barry "The Sultan of Soul" White is serenading me on the 8 track and the sun is streaming through the gaps in the newspaper taped to the windows - a perfect Sunday morning.

Another slurp of that rohypnol spiked "green tea" - here goes

Oh Juan, oh Juan - oh yeah Juankerrrrrrrr

What a belter, the phone looks like a plasterers radio now...


  1. lol, i think the spoof juan kerr is better than the real one hee hee..

  2. I'm the real one, honest - how dare ye spokoy



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